Why I like Opera

I love Firefox. I used it every single day. I use it at work, at home and even my mother and sister also like it.


Firefox, like everybody knows has several extension that really can help in the daily job. The ones I use are:

I wrote this just to say how much I love Firefox but since I have at work a slow computer at work Firefox just eat all the 2Gb of memory I have.  Yes, is true I have between 20-30 tabs open but how cares! I have 2Gb!

I don’t care if Opera don’t have a catalog of 1000 extensions (I use only 7).
I don’t care if only the 5% of people in the world use it.

I’m a guy that love details. These are the little things that probably tou don’t know:

  • Is FAST: After several tests I found that when you click into the BACK or NEXT button, the browser don’t send again all the POST information. Instead of that we get the cache files of the site from our PC. That’s why is very FAST.
  • Is FAST again. Since you open it Opera just starts very fast!
  • Scroll down/up: Opera does it in a very smooth way. You can test it by your own. FF is very dumb in this point. We can see there a very tinny but interesting feature that makes us see how the programmers of Opera like the details.
  • SUBMIT button: You can view an action in a SUBMIT button fastly. In FF you have to view the source.
  • Toolbar customized: You can add everything you want in the Opera toolbar all the items are available take a look at the image.
  • View >Style: If you can see the image you can change the style view of the current site this is very helpful for designer or developers.
  • And more to come…

That’s why I use Opera.

By the way, I wrote this post in FF3 😀


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