Guatemalan people

Quetzal Some news about mon sejour…

I like programming and I also like languages. I guess there is a relationship between learning a new programming language and speaking french, english, or whatever. Right now I’m writing in an AZERTY keyboard and I finally like it. I guess I like changing things.. learning new things even some little things. This is an evidence of how a trip can change the way you look about yourself and other people.

Here in Guatemala there is an special accent that I like. In fact I like all the other latinoamerican accents…

I will try to copy the differents words, expresions and that special accent that today I found nice. Maybe, I’m getting used to it.

Here some words that I found:

chapinas/chapines  = girls/guys from Guatemala

chilero = nice

traida = a sort of girlfriend

this post will growing soon….

I don’t want to put some mean word here 😀 btw the bird that we see above is the Quetzal the National bird and also the name of the currency here.


4 responses to “Guatemalan people

  1. patojo o wiro= young boy

  2. Cool Quetzal photo. I have been to Costa Rica, close to Guatemala, before. Wonderful bird.


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