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Coming soon FCKEditor 2.6.2 and Dokeos 1.8.6 working in Opera

Last week, I finally end with the upgrade of FCKeditor to version 2.6.2 in Dokeos. FCKeditor is the html editor use probably in all the interaction that a user have in Dokeos.

There were some difficulties with these upgrade since Dokeos use it in several tools: Learning Path, Documents, Survey, Exercises, and a long etc.

The BIG problem was to add, update or rewrite the javascript code (fckeditorcode_gecko.js and fckeditorcode_ie.js) that FCKeditor use. You can take a look, is a little bit messy but works. These javascript code was made like that in order to compress the file.

Here some updates:

  1. FCKeditor plugins added: FLVMediaPlayer, EmbedMovies, FlashPLayer and the MP3 player create specially for Dokeos.
  2. Finally, FCKeditor works with Opera.
  3. Creating and editing Flash documents works fine.
  4. No more popups! These version of FCKeditor works with DIVs.
  5. Is much faster than the old version.

I will update to the last version of FCKeditor 2.6.3 if that fix some problems.

There are also a discussion about the possible changes that the Document tool will have soon.

Yesterday the dev.dokeos.com was updated with these changes,

Here the SVN you can check it out.