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Cakephp – Never empty password in auth component

Replace if (isset($data[$model->alias][$this->fields[‘username’]]) && isset($data[$model->alias][$this->fields[‘password’]])) {


if (isset($data[$model->alias][$this->fields[‘username’]]) && !empty($data[$model->alias][$this->fields[‘password’]])) {

In the cake/libs/controller/components/auth.php file


Cakephp Paginate – How to change separator “|”

In your view you just do something like this:

Paginator->next(__('Next', true) . ' >>', array(), null, array('class' => 'disabled'));?>

PHP_Incomplete_Class problem

If you save an object in a session and you want to use it in another page you will receive that error.

To avoid this the class declaration has to be available before you call session_start().

Top 10 Coolest PHP name functions

10. overload
9. reset
8. end
7 .sleep
6. __destruct
5. empty
4. explode

3. chop

2. exit

1. die

Seems that PHP is a melancolic and sad language…

Eclipse Helios comming soon

When Eclipse Galileo was released I thought that the next version of Eclipse will be in the next 4 years. Fortunately, I’m wrong and the new version called Eclipse Helios will be released for 23 june.



Turpial – Twitter client that works in Ubuntu Lucid

I try gwibber (the default twitter client that comes with Ubuntu Lucid) and I don’t like the UI that they proposed.  I also tried the echofon firefox extension but I wanted something integrated with the OS.

I will give it a try to Turpial it seems lighter and more intuitive.


the deb package


Extend sudo timeout in Ubuntu

In a terminal window:

sudo visudo

Edit the file and add

Defaults timestamp_timeout = 45

This means extending the timeout to 45 minutes